Supervision Smörgåsbord

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Episode 101: 
Introduction and Get to Know you

Episode 102: Supervisor Interview with Shannon Heers

Episode 103: 
Why I love Google Workspace

Episode 104: 
Supervisor Interview with Chris Campassi

Episode 105: Intern and Spare time

Episode 106:  Ethics and Dual Relationships

Episode 107: Supervisor interview with Khara Croswaite Brindle

Episode 108: Intern Anxiety

Episode 109: 
Supervisee Interview Jason Wilkinson

Episode 110: Choosing which clients your intern sees

Episode 111: Supervisor interview with Kristie Schmidlkofer

Episode 112:  How to fill your supervisee caseload

Episode 113: Figuring out the growth edges

Episode 114: Planning out your Training cycle

Episode 115: Supervisee Interview

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