Season 2

We are busy taping season 2 and oh my gosh do we have some of the best episodes for you! Stay tuned!

Sneak Peak at season 2

Dr. Tara Sanderson

Episode 201

Supervisor interview with Shannon Heers

Episode 202

Catching up with Kasey Compton

Episode 203

Supervisor Interview with Dr. Amy Parks

Episode 204

Supervisor interview with Leah Riddell

Episode 205

Supervisor Interview with Jennifer Kennett

Episode 206

Supervisor Interview with Katie Maynard

Episode 207

Supervisor Interview with Ann Robinson

Episode 208

Supervisor Interview Ruby Blow

Episode 209

Supervisor Interview with Dr. Mona Nour

Episode 210

Supervisor Interview with Shannon Heers

Episode 211

Supervisor Interview with Alex Regalado

Episode 212

Supervisor Interview with Chris Campassi

Season 1 is a wrap! 

We had such an amazing time!

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