help the next generation of therapists.


I'm Dr. Sanderson and I LOVE interns! 

I have been working with interns for over 15 years in a variety of ways. Currently in my private practice I host Student Interns from three local universities and Associate Counselors who are in the process of getting licensed. 

Join me to find out how you can train the next generation of therapists ethically and responsibility in your specialty or niche! 

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What you will learn:  

- Steps you will need to take to prepare your practice for interns. 
- Understanding the dynamics of being a Supervisor and a Leader in your practice. 
- Specific situations that impact having interns in your practice. 

What you will take home:

- Forms you need to make the transition to interns smoothly. 
- Intern Manual that you can edit and personalize to your site. 

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