Episode 117

Julie Herres, Accountant

In this episode, Julie Herres, an accountant who specializes in helping clinicians understand there money, shares with us some key tips to making good financial decisions when it comes to interns. 

Julie is also the author of a new book: Profit First for Therapists! Check it out here!

Overview of episode

Common mistakes practice owners make when it comes to money

Understanding the true cost of interns and turnover

Profit First for therapists

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Get intimate with your finances! 

If you are already working with an accountant or bookkeeper, reach out to them today and ask them to help you get closer with your finances. Maybe use this list of questions to start that conversation: 
1. What are my fixed costs? 
2. How much does it cost me per clinician? Per client? 
3. How much more do I have to make to put (insert number here) in Retirement?
4. Am I on track to meet my goals? (Do I know what those are?)

If you don't already have an accountant or bookkeeper - It's time to look into one that will help you meet your needs. There are lots of types of folks out there. Email me and I'm happy to share with you some information getting set up with someone! 

Making intentional choices

Take a few minutes today to look at your decision making process. If you are someone who jumps in with both feet, or takes a long time, or makes decisions on wing and a prayer - You can make an awesome company. Not everyone needs to build a spreadsheet and evaluate 3-5 options before making one... It is better to know your self and build in supports that help you make intentional choices than to try to be someone else. 

Adding in professionals to help you fill the gaps in your strengths and give you access to different perspectives is how we can make the business we are building fantastic. 

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