Episode 110

Khara Croswaite-Brindle

In this episode, Khara Croswaite-Brindle shares her Supervision Model - The Empowerment Model of Supervision. 

Overview of episode

What is the Empowerment Model?

When does Empowerment Model seem like the right thing for a supervisee?

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Challenge the inequality

It is vital that we look at our power dynamics in the systems we have set up for supervision. As you think about the systems you use in your supervision practice today, what are the ones you are performing as a top down experience, what are the ones you are coming to the table as a collaborator, and where are you learning from your supervisee? 

Think about your systems

Today set a timer for 5 minutes to map out your system of bringing on a supervisee through them leaving your practice. What are the first things that come to mind? What are the most important aspects? Then look at the list later today or tomorrow - what did you leave out? 
Use this tool to help you identify the places that there may be holes in your training or ways you could serve your supervisees better.