Episode 109

Jason WIlkinson, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

In this episode, Jason Wilkinson shares his experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate. We talk about being a supervisee, ethical considerations with multiple supervisors and how to build your practice while under supervision.

Overview of episode

Having multiple supervisors

Being intentional with the business decisions you are making

Restoration Therapy

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Set an Agenda

If you haven't already discussed an agenda with your supervisees - this is your hint to do it! Set an agenda that will give you and them opportunity to make sure to cover all the legal and ethical bases but make sure you are attending to all the other beneficial ones as well. Ask your supervisee to come prepared to your supervision sessions with questions they need answered as well as cases to discuss. 

Here's a couple of options of how: 
1. You could create a google form for them to fill out before session of the questions they have or the clients they want to discuss. 
2. You could use the messaging software in your EHR and have them message you things through that! 

Does your supervisee need an additional supervisor? 

Take some time this week to look through your supervisee caseload and their goals and see which things they could benefit from another supervisor. Could be theoretical orientation or notes or type of clients they serve. 
Make a list and use your connections to see who you can partner with.