Episode 208

Erin Nghe

In this episode of "Supervision Smorgasboard," hosts Dr. Tara Sanderson and Erin Nghe delve into the world of OCD treatment and supervision. They discuss the importance of addressing barriers, stigma, and personal growth in therapy. Erin shares her journey from medical social work to specialized OCD treatment and offers valuable insights for supervisees. Plus, they emphasize the need for early education in mental health and the flexibility to explore different interests. Tune in for a deep dive into directive therapy, self-compassion, and creating safe spaces for learning and healing.

Overview of episode

The importance of addressing barriers and stigma for clients with OCD, along with the significance of practical training, shadowing, and case conceptualization for clinicians to gain confidence in treating OCD.

The challenges and importance of being directive in therapy, particularly in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy for clients with OCD.

The importance of early education and training for mental health clinicians in understanding and treating OCD.